Our Projects



We are honoured to support the work of Dr Andrew Browning and his Australian not-for-profit organisation, Maternity Africa.

In developing communities, many women and girls experience obstructed labour.  Girls and young women are often forced into marriage to a much older man and when they become pregnant their bodies are not sufficiently developed to safely deliver a bub.  

In addition to the emotional grief of losing a bub, the girls, young women and women who suffer fistula experience physical pain and the shame and stigma associated with the condition.  Socially, they are ostracised and forced to live hidden in a hut in a remote part of a village, reliant on the generosity of others to provide food and water.  They are also more susceptible to infection, which can result in maternal mortality.

The skills and experience of Dr Browning and his colleagues heal the women’s bodies, comfort their spirits and, most importantly, restore hope for their future.  Once cured, many remarry and return to Maternity Africa’s hospitals to deliver healthy bubs safely, including caesarian section operations. 

Maternity Africa’s outreach programme also finds women and girls who have lived in seclusion due to their fistulas, transporting them to Maternity Africa’s hospitals for treatment and restorative care. 



We are currently working on an innovative solar light project, known as the Solar Light Initiative for Community Empowerment (SLICE Model), which will provide solar lights to women and girls in developing communities. 

It is envisaged the beneficial impacts will include:

  • Financial
  • Economic
  • Business
  • Educational
  • Environmental
  • Health
  • Well-being
  • Safety

 Further details will be announced soon.